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2011/10/29 2 comments

Last night I got the call.  One that I’ve never received before.  One that places me with millions of others.  “You’re being let go, effective immediately.”

It’s a different feeling than any I’ve had.  I’ve been working hard, working long hours.  However, the company wasn’t making money.  So, they had to make cuts.  I can understand it, but it still stings.

So, how does one live between jobs, look for a new job when you don’t have one, care for your family, and all the things that are now running through my mind?  I’m reminded of a few things:


As a follower of Christ, I know that he has all things in control.  So, I trust him to take care of my family and me.

Reach out to old friends

I’m reminded of how important it is to not “burn bridges” when leaving a company.  Life changes, and we leave jobs.  But, having a good name and reputation are vital to situations like these.

Look for ways to cut back

We had actually started doing this before this happened.  You never know when this sort of thing will happen.  Plus, learning to live on less is a blessing.

Enjoy time with family and friends

You’ve probably been like me, working long hours to get things done.  During the time with no (job) deadlines, take time to do things with your family and friends.  You may not have it again after you’ve gotten back into work.

Evaluate priorities

Look at what is important to you, both personally and professionally.  Start to make changes in those things.  When looking for a new job, be up front about what you would like to be doing and how your past experience and interests tie into that.

Hopefully this can help some of you when you go through the same situation.  And, I’ll post when I have that new job!

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